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Venten is an innovation and strategy consultancy that provides a range of digital transformation solutions. Our expertise is in software engineering, management consulting, marketing and communications, and technology infrastructure deployment & management. Our services help organisations achieve the customer-focused and commercially viable digital transformation that enables them stay competitive. We are digital transformation specialists.

Digital Transformation
Technology shifts affect organisations to varying degrees. There is a compelling need for organisations to adapt to these changes to improve customer experience, position competitively, optimize cost and manage risk. Venten supports organisations by building a digital-natural culture by developing a digital (transformation) strategy, developing digital capabilities (people, systems and processes), modernizing technology infrastructure and enhancing customer experience.

Our core competencies provide us with a unique perspective in planning and implementing digital transformation programmes for clients.
Data Value Realisation (DVR)®
An organisation’s to deploy advanced computing capabilities to access, process and present large and varying data structured, semi-structured and unstructured datasets in management decision making is perhaps the most important competitive advantage today.

With our Data Value Realisation service, we help companies capture and monetise new value opportunities, using a unique combination of agile infrastructure, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Our DVR service leverages our proprietary data processing engine, KliQr, to help clients understand their customer’s digital behaviours and create value propositions that speak to the needs of these customers.
Growth Strategy
With the massive penetration of mobile technology, shifting consumer demographics and challenging macroeconomic conditions, creating new stakeholder value has never been as difficult. Our growth strategy service helps clients onboard the required capabilities to know what markets to compete, how to win in these markets and build sustainable long-term value for the organisation’s stakeholders. Our strategy development model also deploys the power of digital technology to support bold and ambitious growth initiatives in the organization.
Change Management
Organisational change and transformation is a continuous attempt at making an organization agile enough to define its future and stay relevant. The transformation process will typically include changes in organizational architecture, business processes and the deployment of tools and initiatives that can help an organization perform better. In collaborating with clients to implement Change Management programs, we focus on organizational productivity, strategic competitiveness, customer focus and innovation, to drive superior value. Working across functions and layers within the organization, we help organisations define and communicate the objectives of the programme, design the programme, implement and build a culture ensuring long-term sustainability of the programme imperatives and organizational performance.
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